Slovakia Is Moving Towards Legalization Of Gambling

Here is the very first news about the game of 2019! The entire team wishes you a beautiful and wonderful 2019 full of joy, love and the discovery of good news around the world of gaming that we have been dealing with every day for you for many years now.

Today, we take stock of Slovakia, which is moving towards the legalization of online casinos and sports betting to the delight of internet players.

A well-advanced bill

You may already know this, but Slovakia is one of the countries in Central Europe that exhibited what could be described as rather rigid regulations towards gambling. But 2019 is shaping up to be pretty good since for a few days, the government has seen a bill aimed at reintegrating online casino games and sports betting into its economic landscape in the coming years; see itself today quite simply validated by the Slovak Parliament. We are witnessing a framed liberalization of the gambling sector here and it seemed important to us to talk to you about it in order to start 2019 well.

First of all, you should know that games of chance are not unknown in Slovakia… far from it! This state, along with other central European countries such as the Czech Republic, has significantly changed the regulatory system that actually governs online casino games. Among this category, we find the essential online slot machines, but also table games, casino Lives, etc; as well as sports bets that you particularly appreciate on our portal.

Slovak elected representatives therefore adopted the bill tabled by the Ministry in charge of Finance during the last working session of Parliament and in 2018. This is an optimistic project which intends to frame the liberalization of the sector. online casino, but also that of sports betting throughout the country.

Legal online gambling in Slovakia

But what you need to know to better understand what it results from it is that this future law however authorizes the exploitation of casino games on the Internet only by the promoters already physically established in the country in reality. A very big advantage and a godsend for the latter who will however, in return, obligatorily pay a 23% tax to a regulatory authority. An organization which will in fact be specially created for this cause and therefore on this occasion and which will then have the heavy burden of chaperoning this sector. It will therefore have to develop legal rules and implement mechanisms to properly supervise the execution of the laws which will be discussed here.

Mr. Peter Kazimir, Minister of Finance who carried this bill, foresees the regular updating of a document. It will in fact be a sort of on-board document that will identify illegal casino gaming and sports betting sites in the country that have concerns about this New Year.

The government shows that it is motivated in the first place to open the doors of the sector, just to collect resources in the form of taxes and others, but also that it intends to clean up the sector. And this purification involves an ambitious project to regulate and clean up this delicate sector in order to avoid any crucial drift…